Camile O’Briant is a (Texas-born & raised) Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary artist. Although educated in other mediums of art,  her primary focus is on the use of photography. 
Over the years, she has taken thousands of photographs. Including various subject matter: portraiture, architectural, street photography, and abstracts. 
Other techniques include collage, painting, illustration, and other photography-derived techniques. 
In recent years, she has exhibited and collaborated with Saatchi Art and The Other Art Fair. 
Her current themes explore both individual and collective identity. Whether by documenting the fleeting moments of everyday life or exploring the deeper and more complex issues of race, societal labels, and the role of women of color - all through a modern and historical lens. 
Above all, her fascination with the medium of photography stems from a deep yearning to connect with the world. As an observer of human nature and this ever-changing world, she often imagines her work through the eyes of some future viewer. 
What value will her images have 20-30 years from now? What information lies there within? A revealing gesture, curious outfit, or building that no longer exists on a street corner a changed by the relentless nature of time. Perhaps, calling on the imagination to ponder stories of times gone by or to create a future vision inspired by the past. 

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